What Is National family benefit scheme (N.F.B.S)

A onetime financial grant of Rs.20, 000/- is given to the legal heir of a poor deceased Person, Who is primary bread earner of the family and dies within 18 to 60 years of age.

What Are the Eligibility Criteria Of N.F.B.S

It is the component of NSAP. In the event of Death Of primary bread winner of a BPL Family in the age group of 18 to 59. The surviving spouse or minor son or unmarried daughter or dependent father or mother are eligible to receive the claim amount fixed by the GOVT.
1.20,000/- if death occurred on or after 18.10.2012
2.10,000/- if death occured before 18.10.2012 and after 01.08.1998
3.Persion with disability(PWDS) having disability more than 75% entitled for 20kg rice @Rs.1/- per kg

What Are the Documents TO Be Attached for NFBS

1.Application Form
2.Xerox copy of 1997 BPL Card
3.S.B. Account No.
4.Death Certificate of deceased
5.Age proof of deceased.
6.Applicant must come with all original documents along with Xerox copy for verification on every saturday&thursday signature of SEO before obtaining RI report.

Period Of Disposal

One month from the date of receiving the form(subject to fond available)