Different Sections of RMC

1. Works Section

Deals with all developmental works like construction and repairing of Roads & Buildings, Drains & culverts, Colony, Parks, Kalyan Mandaps, Community Hall, Market Complex, Souchalaya with works under BRGF scheme, WODC and PPP mode etc.

2.  Tax Section

Deals with various tax collections activities under Corporation area like Holding Tax, Water Tax, Drain Tax, Light Tax, and Trade License.

3. Shop & License Section

Deals with Collection of Shop Rent, License for Rickshaws, Dogs etc. License for temporary use of vacant Land/ space. The section also takes care for booking of Kalyan Mandaps/ Community Hall and Collection of various Service Taxes.

4. Electrical Section

Deals with all Electrical works such as Repair and New fitting of Street Light under Corporation area.

 5. Urban Poverty Alleviation (UPA) Section

Deals with various poverty alleviation programs of State and Central Government. It also deals with different programs for BPLs, APLs. Like SGSRY, JNNURM, BRGF, NULM, Harish Chandra Sahayata Yojana etc.

6. Sanitation Section

Deals with all sanitation works like Sweeping, Cleaning of Drains and Lifting Garbage’s in the Corporation area. The section also deals with all the establishment related work of Sanitation employees.

7. Transport Section

Deals with all vehicle services for Electrical Ladder, Fogging Machine, ABC Program and Sanitation work. The section also providing paid services like Cleaning of Safety Tank, JCB, Water Tank etc. with in Corporation area.

8. Account Section

Deals with all accounts related work of the Corporation.

9. Cash Section

Deals with all Cash related work of the Corporation.

10.Social Welfare Section

Deals with various schemes of the State and Central Government like Old Age Pension, Widow Pension and Disabled Pension under MBPY/IGNOAP. The section also responsible for distribution of food grants under Annapurna Antadaya Yojana.

11. Hoarding Section

Deals with all the  Taxes of Advertisement on Hoarding related work of the Corporation area.

12. General Establishment  

Deals with personal files & claims of the employees of the corporation.

13. Pension Section

Deals with all pension matter of the retired employees of the corporation.

14. Election & Census Section

Deals with Census, Adhaar Card and election related work of the corporation.

15. Legal Section

Deals with all the judicial works and Case matter of the corporation.

16. General & Miscellaneous Section

Dealing with all file of Meetings, Newsletter, Press release and Public Grievances and all miscellaneous matter.

17. Marriage Registration Section

The Commissioner of RMC is the Registrar for issuing the marriage certificate under the Hindu Marriage Act 1955.

18. General Store Section

Deals with all old & new stock of stationary and sanitation material of the corporation.

19. Issue & Despatch Section

Deals with receive of all letter & dispatching of official letter and correspondence. The section also has a single window for receiving letter from general public.

20. IT & eGovernance Section

Maintains and looks after the Corporation Website and eGovernance Online Project like eDesptach, eProcurement, eMunicipality, NULM and maintenance of other online Projects.