Tourist Places

Vedvyas : Vedavyas is a very famous spot in Rourkela for it is from here where Maharishi Vyas wrote "Mahabharata”. It is often subtly attractive for it is located at influence of the rivers Shankha, Koel and Saraswati. Apart from its natural beauty this place also offers other attraction like vedic ashram.

Hanuman Vatika : The heart of the town has a 75-feet tall standing statue of Hanuman designed by Sri Laxmana Swami which is one of the appreciated attractions of Rourkela. The vicinity of this temple also houses other temples like Santoshi Maa Mandira, Bruhat Sivalinga Mandira and Ram Daravar. This temple is surrounded by a beautiful garden.

Vaishno Devi Temple : The presiding deities of Maa Vaishno Devi temple Goddess Kali, Goddess Lakshami and Goddess Saraswati. This temple which is situated on top of a hill with a scenic beauty of the city around gives the place a heavenly feeling.

Mandira Dam : Mandira dam which is built across the Sankha River is situated at a distance of about 25 kms from Rourkela. The main purpose of construction of this dam is to supply water to the nearby villages. This dam is very much ideal for a picnic for it also entertains by boat rides.

Pitamahal Dam : Pitamahal Dam is a popular picnic spot, situated on river Brahmani, near Balanda village of Kuarmunda, which is about 22 kms from Rourkela and 16 km from Vedvyas. The dam was constructed in 1978 across river Pitamahal, a stream of river Sankha which meet river Koel upstream of Panposh to form river Brahmani. The maximum height of the dam is 25.96 meter.

Indira Gandhi Park : Indira Gandhi Park is situated on the main ring road in Sector 4. It is spread on a total area of about 42 acres. The big park is well maintained. Besides, garden, large space for picnic etc., there is mini zoo, boating and a toy train facilities. These facilities are enjoyed by children's as well as adults. Train platform is also nicely decoarted to suit the park theme.

Khandadhar : Rourkela has the fourth highest waterfall in India which falls from a height of 244mt. This beautiful waterfall is situated at a distance of about 114 kms from Rourkela. This waterfall gets its root from the perennial Korapani Nala.