The (MUKTA) Mukhya Mantri Karma Tatpara Abhiyan aims to achieve the objective of providing sustainable livelihood opportunities to the urban poor, informal and migrant labourers and create & maintain ecological sustainable and climate resilient community assets, critical to ensure inclusive, sustainable and equitable urban development.

The MUKTA is to alleviate problem of unemployment, inequality and poverty in urban areas and build sustainable community resilience through an integrated urban public works programme.

Key Objective :

Create decent wage employment opportunities in urban areas and ensure sustainable livelihoods for urban poor including vulnerable groups like migrant labourers, women, transgenders and persons with disabilities, thereby enhancing human capabilities.
Ensure creation as well as maintenance of inclusive, sustainable, climate resilient community assets, thereby improving quality of life for the urban citizens.
Build sustainable community resilience by enhancing capacities of community-based organisations, building trust-based relationships and promoting local leadership, thereby strengthening the fourth tier of governance and furthering synergies for long term development.

Key Componenets :

Drainage and Sewerage Work [except de-siltation]
Sanitation Work [except road sweeping]
Water conservation and rain water harvesting structures
Development and renovation of water bodies
Development and maintenance of public parks and playgrounds
Wall Painting
Construction and maintenance of micro community centres and open space development including Mission Shakti Grihas & Parichaya centres
Various labour-intensive urban infrastructure development projects